Tips for the perfect essay proofreading

Today I am going to give you some tips about proofreading your documents! We mostly think that proofreading is very easy and we just have to go through our own writing but proof reading of our own essays is not as easy as we think.

Most of the students lose grades when they submit their essays. There are still lots of corrections to be done after they have proof read their work. The most common mistakes that students make are grammatical errors, using wrong punctuation marks, spelling mistakes, extra words and typos. If you are investing a lot of time in writing an essay, make sure to keep some time aside for proofreading it, proofreading your essay after completing it should be given the same time, care and importance.

After completing your essay take a deep breath and take a little break, don’t immediately go into proof reading. When you start proofreading your essay make a check list of errors that you are going to check for so that you don’t miss out on any possible errors.

Firstly check all the spellings in your essay, you can rectify all the spelling mistakes with the help of  online tools or automatic spell checkers, you can also find your grammar mistakes with the help of a grammar checker tool, make sure to make all the corrections suggested by these tools. An easy mistake to make but one you need to be aware of is checking in the correct language (UK or US?)

The Grammar checker will help you to find punctuation errors, tense problems, subject verb errors and more. Take a print out as it is very easy to find mistakes on paper rather than on a computer. Then read your essay backward, backward reading helps your brains to work effectively and you will be in a better position to locate any errors in your essay instantly. Read your paper aloud, check if all the lines that you are hearing are making any sense or not, check for relevancy, all your paragraphs and sentences used to create those paragraphs should have the relevant information. Don’t make your document too wordy. Write effective and compelling essays, it is also easier to check for errors in such essays. When it comes to the conclusion make sure it is consistent with the dispute in your essay.

When you proof read your essay highlight your mistakes with color highlighters. Use blue for spelling mistakes, green for punctuation and red for incorrect sentences, this technique will help you find out and correct errors on a word document, mostly in MS Word.

One of the best methods to proof read is getting your friends, classmates or a relative to read your essay and suggest changes. They will tell you either your sentences make sense and your argument supports your relevant information and others will find errors and mistake that you are not able to identify. Getting someone else to read your essays will give you an idea about how your essay is being arranged and if there is the right kind of information in that essay.  Don’t leave minor errors in your essays that can be easily omitted through proofreading that document, make the time invested in writing your essay worth it! And make your essays remarkable.

Hopefully these ideas will help you finalize your work before submission. And if you plan to go for proofreading, then is the right place!

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